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The American Association for Justice’s Leaders Forum is a dynamic group of member firms that help AAJ fulfill its mission every day. Leaders Forum firms support AAJ’s work to protect the civil justice system by providing the resources necessary to inform the public and educate members of Congress on dozens of issues crucial to individuals and families, such as forced arbitration, limits on justice for devastating and debilitating injuries, medical negligence, inadequate insurance minimums, environmental toxins, and accountability for dangerous and deadly products.

The AAJ Leaders Forum level of support is vital to the American Association for Justice. The commitment of these firms means that the association can pursue its vibrant and effective efforts to protect the civil justice system.

The association established Leaders Forum two decades ago to ensure that every person has access to justice, even when up against the most powerful corporate interests. Leaders Forum firms make a difference, enabling the association to communicate its message of accountability and protect every American’s right to the Seventh Amendment.

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If you are a lawyer and are ready to take your firm to the next level of commitment and support of the civil justice system, please let us know. There are many benefits for Leaders Forum firms, including the opportunity for national recognition and a number of special invitations to educational and networking events, as well as free products and services to enhance your practice.

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