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The American Association for Justice is the only national plaintiff lawyer association working as an advocate for trial lawyers on a broad range of issues. We continually and effectively block attempts in Congress to preempt state civil justice laws, and play a vital role in protecting your practice and your clients’ rights as they come under attack from huge industries and corporations that dominate the political process. AAJ also works to elect pro-civil-justice legislators at both the state and federal levels.

Everything the American Association for Justice does in public policy affects your local practice. Here’s how:
AAJ monitors hundreds of bills and advocates on dozens of legislative, regulatory, and consumer issues to protect your practices and your clients.
AAJ effectively blocks attempts in Congress and federal agencies to preempt state tort law.
When anti-civil-justice members of Congress prioritize bills that eliminate accountability, AAJ continues to defeat them, beating back limits on lawyer fees, evidence and discovery, and loser pays
Even with a do-nothing Congress, AAJ’s successful advocacy led to the passage of a bill that brought significant improvements to the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) system, including streamlining the process for calculating MSP reimbursement online and enacting a three-year statute of limitations to prevent the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) from asking for more money.
AAJ is actively working to end forced arbitration and ensure that class actions are an effective tool for consumers and employees hurt by large corporations, as well as working to restore generic drug manufacturers’ accountability.
AAJ continues to fight limits on medical malpractice and medical products cases, ensuring that healthcare providers are held accountable and patient safety is prioritized.
AAJ’s advocacy has a direct impact on your practice and on your clients’ lives. We promote and defend the civil justice system, protect the Seventh Amendment, and educate members of Congress to expand our base of allies in the fight to preserve access to justice.