Endowment | The American Association For Justice Archive


The mission of the American Association for Justice Robert L. Habush Endowment, in conjunction with AAJ, is to preserve and protect the civil justice system and individual rights. It accomplishes this through the following priorities:

  • Providing consistent public education and research to promote informed public dialogue on, understanding of and appreciation for the civil justice system;
  • Sponsoring prestigious education programs and well-received publications for judges and law professors; and,
  • Funding innovative scholarship and far reaching research on the civil justice system and individual rights.

To achieve its mission, the AAJ Endowment functions as a grant-making foundation, carefully and strategically providing grants to AAJ, its associated foundations and others, such as law schools, academics, and think tanks, to carry out the above mission.

Significant programs attracting AAJ Endowment support are funded under the aegis of four Institutes: Judicial, Law School, Public Education, and Research. The Judicial and Law School Institutes feature education programs for judges and law professors and relevant publications.  Programs funded thus far include Roscoe Pound Institute’s educational forums for state judges and the Civil Justice Digest. The Public Education Institute utilizes a wide variety of means to reach the public concerning fundamental misunderstandings about the civil justice system. The Research Institute concentrates on funding research that advances the understanding and the operation of the civil justice system and the promotion of consumer law and individual rights.

The AAJ Endowment represents an extraordinary opportunity for trial lawyers and their firms to speak to these public sectors with a coherent voice and underscore the need to secure and maintain a strong civil justice system for America well into the 21st century.