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Dangerous Products

Every day there is another recall or warning of a product that turned out to have design flaws or unexpected problems - a drug with an unanticipated side effect, a toy with a sharp piece that can injure a child, or a popular food product that may have been contaminated in production. These recalls and warnings are so frequent that consumers are no longer surprised to see them.

What would surprise consumers is the fact that those who are responsible for these dangers often know about the problems and do nothing to fix them.  People find it hard to believe that anybody would cover up a product's danger and then market that product to the very people it is likely to kill or injure. 

Yet, that is exactly what happens time and time again.

The fact that corporations so frequently put profits over safety shows the need for America's civil justice system. Our civil justice system offers those who have been hurt by a defective product a chance to hold the wrongdoer accountable.  It also brings to light behavior that would not otherwise be revealed.

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