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Take Justice Back

For too long, access to justice and accountability though our courts has been under attack by powerful corporate interests. Their goal is to evade accountability when they injure and kill Americans. The consequences for us can be dangerous because when no one is accountable, no one is safe.

Take Justice Back is the public education and grassroots campaign launched by the American Association for Justice to restore accountability, promote safety, and ensure Americans have access to justice.

The fact is, our environment is cleaner, our medicine is better, and our cars are safer today, thanks to Americans who stood up to big corporations and held them accountable in the court. Take Justice Back highlights real people’s fights for justice and straightforward facts to directly take on the myths and propaganda pushed by corporate front groups. The campaign encourages all Americans to join the fight to take back their rights by sharing their own stories and writing Congress, federal agencies, and corporate CEOs.    

As we know all too well, when Americans’ access to justice is denied, unscrupulous insurance companies, Wall Street banks, reckless drivers, dangerous hospitals, and other wrongdoers can get away with the worst. We must act to make sure they clean up their acts.

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