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The American Association for Justice (AAJ) Law Student Scholarships

The 2020 Scholarship season is open from February 1, 2020 until May 15, 2020.

AAJ has four scholarships available for qualified law students.

  • Richard D. Hailey Scholarship
    AAJ's Minority Caucus will award a $5,000 scholarship to a minority Law Student Member who is entering his or her first, second, or third year of law school. Additionally, the winner will be provided the opportunity to attend the AAJ Annual Convention.

  • Trial Advocacy Scholarship
    The Trial Advocacy Scholarship is open to all AAJ Law Student Members who are entering their second or third year of law school. This $3,000 scholarship award to the applicant who best demonstrates Interest and proficiency in trial advocacy skills and a desire to represent those who have been injured by the negligence or misconduct of others.

  • Leesfield/AAJ Scholarship
    The Leesfield scholarship awards $2,500 to a Law Student Member to subsidize attendance at the AAJ Annual Convention. This scholarship is available to first-and second-year AAJ Law Student Members.

  • Mike Eidson Scholarship
    The Mike Edison Scholarship awards $5,000 to a female student entering her third year of law school (the student can be enrolled in a three-year day program or four-year night program) who has demonstrated a commitment to a career as a trial lawyer, along with dedication to upholding and defending the principles of the Constitution, to the concept of a fair trial, to the adversary system, and a just result for the injured, the accused, and those whose rights are jeopardized. The winner will be provided the opportunity to attend the AAJ Annual Convention.

AIEG Presents the Francis "Brother" Hare Access to Justice Scholarship.

The Francis "Brother" Hare Access to Justice Scholarship Fund was established to recognize a law student whose work has been published in a law review. Applicants are invited to submit their papers by May 31, 2020, for the $5,000 scholarship award. The law student scholarship winner will be selected by the AIEG scholarship committee. The winner will be notified by August 30, 2020. Papers should be submitted to Jane Giattina at with following subject line: Francis "Brother" Hare Access to Justice Scholarship Application.

Published law review papers will be considered for this award based on articles that argued in favor of one or more of the following:

  • The right of access to the civil courts for all citizens regardless of ability to afford a lawyer (e.g., support of the contingent fee)
  • The right of open courts and public access to evidence that shows public safety hazards (e.g., opposition to sealing orders and protective orders of confidentiality)
  • Ethics violations for attorneys to argue for or participate in protective orders that hide evidence of safety hazards from government agencies or the public, whether discovery or trial
  • Ethics violations for attorneys to argue for or participate in sealing orders that hide evidence from the public as part of settlement agreements
  • Ethics violations for judges to sign protective orders or sealing orders that have the effect of hiding from the public or government agencies safety hazards

If you have questions about your scholarship status, please email