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FAQs for Law Reporters

Editorial Offices

Law Reporters
777 6th Street, N.W., Suite 200, Washington, D.C. 20001-3703
Phone: (800) 727-5056
Fax: (202) 965-0030
E-mail: law.reporter@justice.org

Editorial Staff

Director of Publications: Jennifer D. Adams, ext. 2813
Managing Editor: Christine Mollenauer, ext. 3509
Associate Editor: Maureen Leddy, ext. 2875
Contributing Writer: Lynne Stern Feiges, ext. 8483
Online Content and Data Manager: Tina (Christine) Lorin, ext. 3505

What Law Reporters does AAJ publish?

AAJ publishes two Law Reporters in specific practice areas:

  • Products Liability Law Reporter (six print issues and monthly electronic newsletters)
  • Professional Negligence Law Reporter (six print issues and monthly electronic newsletters)

Who receives these publications?

  • The Products Liability Law Reporter and Professional Negligence Law Reporter are benefits of membership in the Products Liability Section and Professional Negligence Section.
  • Nonmembers can subscribe to the print issues of PLLR and PNLR for $195 annually.

How much does a subscription cost?

Subscriptions to PLLR and PNLR—including the 6 print issues and the 12 e-newsletters—are included in the price of AAJ section membership ($150). Nonmembers can subscribe to the print issues of PLLR and PNLR for:

1 Year — $195

2 Year — $360

3 Year — $550

Do the Law Reporters carry advertising?

PNLR and PLLR accept advertising for both the print issues and e-newsletters. Click here for more information, or contact AAJ Sales at (800) 424-2725, or advertising@justice.org.

Is there an editorial calendar for the Law Reporters?

No. Unlike TRIAL, the Reporters do not have theme issues.

How can I get permission to reprint a case summary or article, or post it online?

AAJ holds copyright on content published in the Law Reporters unless otherwise indicated. To obtain permission to reprint, post online, or distribute paper or electronic copies of an AAJ-copyrighted case summary or article, call, fax, or write the editorial offices. Provide the case summary or article title and date of issue, and explain how you intend to use the material. We will respond in writing with permission and a credit line.