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AAJ Voter Protection Action Committee


Are you a lawyer, paralegal, or law student? 

The right to vote in American democracy should ensure that every person's voice is heard, regardless of who the vote is cast for. But in recent years, we've seen efforts to suppress voters' access to the polls across the country. AAJ’s Voter Protection Action Committee (VPAC) counts on you and your colleagues to help protect the rights of voters. By volunteering during election cycles, you can help ensure that voters have fair and equal access to cast their ballots. In past elections, AAJ has coordinated with national and state organizations to identify lawyers, paralegals, and law students who can be poll monitors or call center volunteers.

Your help is critical to ensure American citizens’ right to vote and the candidates’ rights to have all voters’ voices considered and counted.

During the 2018 midterm election cycle, AAJ was proud to have 476 members of our community volunteer to protect the vote. 

Interested in getting involved? Contact tara.lee@justice.org 

To learn more about voting and volunteer information specific to your state click here.